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In the new technologies era, use a modern communication media. Choose smartphone protective cases (iPhone, iPod, Samsung...) printed with your colors and design to communicate about your company, association or club and build customer loyalty in an original way.

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Printed case for companies

Key features

  • High quality printing

    A high quality printing equipment to produce amazing high definition and resistant cases. Printed directly within the material, no sticker or surface printing!

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  • French production line

    Achievement and manufacturing lead time under complete control thanks to a production made in France.

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  • Any quantities, any model

    Ask for the exact amount you need and receive a personalized quote based on your needs. We produce for most widly distrtibuted smartphones: iPhone, iPod, Samsung and more.

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  • Open ear creation service

    Benefit from our workshop graphic skills to get a tailor-made product in line with your company identity.

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Cases and printing qualityColorful cases

Our specially designed for this printing method brilliant resine cases are of excellent end durable quality. It is also available in matte finish. Rigid while being flexible enough not to break during installation, they provide perfect protection for smartphones.
Made from a professional printer with 9 color shades for smooth vignettes, colors are vibrant, bright, as beautiful as a photograph.
Unlike conventional surface printing, colors penetrate the material providing scratch resistance and covers the entire support, even on sides.
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Glossy or matte
Football club mobile phone case

French productionControlled quality and market closeness

All cases are printed in France in our workshop in Grenoble. Our trained and experienced team for this process allows us to ensure quality of execution and retention of knowledge.

Your orders are quickly manufactured regardless of their volume and intransit lead time is fast for whole Europe.

Made in France
Made in France

Creation service

The pre-production service verifies your order files. If needed, you can request intervention of our creation service, delivered by an experienced designer, to create your design according to the required technical specifications. Then a model will be presented to you according to the provided items and information.

Once it is validated, production is launched!

creation service

Models and quantitiesFrom unique pieces to mass production

We currently create cases for the most distributed and recent phones: iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / 5SE / 5C / 6 / 6S, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5 and iPod Touch 4/5 (MP3 player)...

With us, you have a small minimum order amount. We can answer your requests for unique pieces or mass production. For a small association, an artist or a large company, we adapt to your needs. We are also manufacturing for a number of companies (custom products companies, screenprinters...).

iPhone printed case

For all types of customers

  • Companies / Brands
  • Clubs
  • Associations
  • Events

We carry out projects for very diverse customers: sport clubs, private clubs (Rotary, Lions...), poker clubs, sport associations, charities and humanitarian organizations, communities and fan clubs, festival, competitions, exhibitions, political campaigns, concerts, cultural event, branding, corporate gifts, artwork, and many more!

Printed phone cases customers

A wide product range

Selected for quality

Our product range covers all main devices on the market. Howevers, we have selected our products for their quality. We customize using sublimation and our 3D cases or 2D inserts are only premium products unlike other available on the market.

printed cases for business companies

Our product range

Full print cases for smartphones3D sublimation glossy or matte finish

One of our best-selling, especially for photo designs. A quality case, rigid and durable with its printing deep into the material.
The whole case is printed using a 3D sublimation process.
Available in glossy or matte finish for the entire iPhone range, Samsung Galaxy...

3D sublimation printed personalized iPhone cases
Printed cases on the back with 2D sublimation

Smartphone cases printed on the back side2D sublimation rigid or flexible shock proof cases

Hard plastic or flexible, impact-resistant cases, available in various colors. A classic cusomization and personalization product. Perfect for marketing operations or company fleet equipment with a compressed cost, the personalized touch added.
Print is the same quality as the rest or our range with high end inserts (not economic models) and as always printed into the material, not on the surface.
Available for many smartphones and iPad, as well as in an interchangeable version.

Leather and microfiber foldable casesFor iPad and other tablets

Foldable cases made of imitation leather and microfiber, perfect to protect your tablets. Print on the polyester fleece fabric flap. Perfect for all business situations thanks to its different slopes.
A product that perfectly protects your iPad or Galaxy Tab while having the colors or your company, club, association...

Foldable customized and printed cases for iPad and iPhone
Universal cusomized and printed covers for tablets (iPad) and computers

Universal coversFor tablets and computers

Universal Neoprene covers cusomized and printed on both sides, closed by a zip. Available in different size for tablets and computers.

And many other possibilities

Contact us for more information.
We will discuss your project and the best possible and appropriate products to fit your needs.

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for a beautiful communication

We have chosen a high quality 3D printing process. Ridge with us and your audience (customer, fan, member or prospect) will be surprized!
Complete this form to receive your quote quickly. Do not miss the opportunity to enhance your communication and your image!

mobile printed cases for professionals

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Quantity & models
  • Available cases

    Available phone models

    We currently print on the largely distributed phones:
    iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / 5SE / 5C / 6 / 6S, iPad and iPod Touch 4/5 (MP3), Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5, Notes and Tabs.

    Upon request and depending on desired volume, we can make cases for other smarphone models (BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC). Feel free to ask in your message.

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